Article Ghostwriting

Tapping into the spirit of success

I’m not a spook. There’s nothing spectral about me. I promise not to haunt you.

But I can turn a sentence into a work of art, and spin fine phrases that’ll turn your readers’ heads (but not at all like the Exorcist).

Yes, I’m a ghostwriter.
ghostwriting ghost

In fact, the “ghost” in “ghostwriter” came, originally and long ago, from an Old English root word, gast, that meant “breath or spirit.”

And that old-fashioned word just might be the best way of thinking about it.

Because that’s exactly what I do: I capture the spirit of your business, and I tell your story in your own voice.

When I ghostwrite articles, I research and create custom journalistic features, reviews, and newsworthy items (of between 2,000 and 5,000 words) for your industry’s top publications.

Each article is written just for you. It will capture the ethos of your business, convey your expertise, and display this before a broad readership or more narrow audience of industry experts. It’s totally up to you!

Like a spirit or a breath, I disappear when the writing is done—leaving behind only the words. Words that describe, enhance, and promote the value of your business.

It’s all about you!

A Collaborative Process:

At the heart of what we’ll do together is the interview. It lies at the center of our work. It’s the foundation. It’s what allows me to get to know you, to speak for you, and then get out of the way.

Together we’ll clarify your business objectives and marketing goals. I’ll listen to your ideas, and aid you in honing your choice of topic. Then I’ll review your notes with care and attention.

Your voice, your input, your thoughts are kept front and center the whole time. I supplement these with my research expertise—using a variety of data sources as well as case studies and interviews.

Then I write. For you.


You’ll receive a completed draft of your article, formatted in accordance with your target publication’s submission requirements, with plenty of time to meet their deadline. Complex or technical concepts won’t be lost, but they will be translated into simple, everyday language—words that will resonate with leaders in your industry, but also with a wider audience.

The core of the ghostwriting process is collaboration. To guarantee that your voice shines through in your article, I include 2 full revision cycles with each article ghostwriting project I take on. You can make input or suggest changes at every step along the way.

And you get the final say: the full article is always subject to client approval prior to publication.

And if you’d like, I can assist you with placement. Drawing upon my research expertise, I can help you get your ideas into major national publications like the Huffington Post, Forbes,, and Inc.

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of ghostwriting, I can’t publicly link to the expert articles I’ve ghostwritten. But you can see more of my work on my Portfolio page and I’m happy to share other samples privately (as long as you can keep a secret).

Blog Posts or Articles? Your Business Needs Both.

The true cornerstone of any successful content marketing strategy is publishing engaging content on your very own platform.

So that you’re in control—you determine how your website looks, how it functions, what words best express your value, how enticing the images are.

But you can never completely control your audience’s attention.

You can suggest and lead, persuade and lure, coax, woo, and seduce.

As a philosopher, I’ve learned a little something about persuasive writing. I know how to create blog posts highlighting your expert opinion and maybe even getting a tad controversial (if that’s your style, of course). You can get a feel for how I blog for my clients by checking out my Portfolio page


But you can’t make visitors read your content. Sorry. But it’s true.

Print magazines and online publications actually can.

How? It’s a spillover effect—by the presence of other articles they already know they want to read, by their format, by their reputation, their readers know what to expect and actually seek them out. Loyal readers have been conditioned to pay attention for longer periods of time.

They’re not just there to hunt for information. Instead they’re primed to gather it in, which is good news for you!

Once they’ve gathering information, they’ll be ready to recognize the value you have to offer.

They’ll see you for the thought leader that you already are. They’ll notice your brand. They’ll recognize your expertise. They’ll hear you.

What to expect:

You might see an uptick in sales right away or an immediate increase in traffic to your company’s blog. Maybe you’ll be invited to speak. Perhaps you’ll get comments or feedback from other thought leaders in your industry, so you can build stronger alliances and relationships.

It’s not rocket science. It’s a feedback loop—if you get your readers to focus on what you have to say, they’re more likely to hear, listen, and engage. And the more they engage, the more likely they’ll be to click through to your website. Heading straight back to the cornerstone of your content marketing platform.


Why Me?

Working with the Pocket PhD means having an expert professional guide to the intricate process of getting attention. It’s what I’ve done for the entirety of my career. For more about me take a look at my about page.

As a philosophy professor, I gave considerable thought to the complex interplay between my students’ ability to focus and their capacity to remember. I studied the best ways of directing their attention.

And as a professional marketer, I put those theories into practice.

I knew how to get my sleepy students (students who went to the beach...for college) to wake up, listen, and remember. And I can get your blog readers to take in what they see too.

When I’m your ghostwriter, my attention-getting skills will be at your service. I’ll help you find your voice and create content that expresses your own ideas.

And then I’ll do what ghosts do best: slip away to let the spirit of your business shine through.

With a PhD in your pocket, you’ll always have a secret weapon in the battle to win attention.