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Here's the deal:

YOU want custom blog content that bumps up your website ranking on Google, increases website traffic, and generates leads.

But you don’t have the time or resources to devote to creating that content.

Busy Small Business Owner

Fortunately, I’m here to help! I deliver blog posts on the topics you need. And they’re custom-designed to meet your goals while satisfying both bots and humans.

Blog Riveter

Fortunately, I’m here to help! I deliver blog posts on the topics you need. And they’re custom-designed to meet your goals while satisfying both bots and humans.

Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?!

Yeah, you want all the benefits that blogging is said to bring, but can you believe the hype? Is blogging really all that beneficial for small business owners?

Blogging Trends to Watch

Let’s turn to the data. Careful analysis of sales trends and web analytics can give us a clear idea of which blogging strategies are most effective. Then the million dollar question becomes: how to put them to work in YOUR content marketing plan?

High-quality, custom blog content starts conversations

47% of consumers view 3-5 pieces of marketing content before engagingwith a sales rep (source: Hubspot)

  • Well, okay, if the only custom content you put out are blog posts on your own website, you're not likely to start any conversations. There's way too much information available online for that to be a viable marketing strategy for a small business. Just sayin'.
  • Instead, share your blog posts on social media and build connections. Then jump into the action sharing, liking, and commenting on anything your audience would care about
  • Consumers these days do tons of research into companies before they decide what to buy. Get folks talking about your brand and word will spread like crazy.
SEO copywriting serves you leads on a silver platter

B2B marketers who use blogs optimized for search receive 67% more leads

  • With the invention of ad blockers, targeted ads are not the goldmine they once were. But custom blog content skillfully optimized to attract your ideal customer is a magnet for warm leads and organic leads. Watch your analytics and create email campaigns to pair with your most popular content.
  • The more your customers know about you and your brand, the more likely they are to think of you in their time of need.
  • Custom blog content shows potential customers who you are. If eyes are the window into the soul, blogging is the door into your authentic personality. Customers want to know your brand is relatable and trustworthy.
Engaging and informative writing converts users into loyal customers

Personal recommendations can increase conversion rates up to 5.5 times (source: Hosting Facts)

  • If your customers know you and feel a connection to you through your custom blog content, they are more likely to recommend your brand to their friends. And personal recommendations are king in the era of information overload.
  • Consumer-driven marketing is trending up while traditional marketing and paid advertising is on the decline.
  • If you put out informative, educational content more often than purely salesy, self-promotional stuff, you will build a cadre of customers and super fans.
A powerful voice turns leaders into influencers

96% of B2B customers want more content from industry thought leaders

  • There are many successful small business owners. But if you have your eye on taking success to a new level, the fastest way to do that is to aim for influencer status.
  • The lovely thing about this statistic is that gaining influencer status is more about perception than convincing some omnipotent Committee for All that is Influential in the business world.
  • Let the PhD in your Pocket help you find your powerful voice and get it on the page.


Here's how we work together:

Step 1: Make a Plan

We have an initial meeting virtually or face-to-face, so I can get to know you, your business, and most importantly, your audience. We set some content marketing goals together.

Step 2: Brainstorm Tantalizing Topics

I work with you to brainstorm and deliver a list of blog topics. I create an editorial calendar with deadlines for drafts and publication dates.

Step 3: Start Pulling It Together

After you give me notes or an outline for each post (Don’t worry! I have a cool blog template to help you out), I put my incredible research skills to work to bring your ideas to life on the page (Hey look! That fancy PhD really is good for something).

Step 4: Delivery of Your Draft

I deliver a complete draft of your custom blog post, 4 steaming hot headline options, and all the SEO goodness baked right in.

Step 5: Approval of Your Content

2 sets of revisions are included, but steps 1-4 are designed to minimize or altogether eliminate the need for major revisions. More than likely, your draft won’t need more than a few tweaks before this baby is ready for prime time.

Once it’s approved (and paid for, of course), that glorious custom blog content belongs to you. You can post it on your website, send it out in an email blast, post to your social channels, or all of the above.

Done. And done.

And you break into your happy dance! Or just sit at your desk smiling quietly to yourself. Totally up to you.

Got blogging for your small business covered? You're my hero!

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  • I make complicated ideas easy to understand and translate technical language into plain English.

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