Book Marketing

You worked too hard on your book for it NOT to be read.

Nature or nurture? What makes us who we are?

Philosophers and pundits have been debating this question for centuries, and it’s something that all parents wonder about.

It’s also vitally important for authors.

Some books become best sellers, garnering fame and fortune for their writers. These authors win speaking engagements, clinch sales, and score contracts with publishers for their next books.

Others books languish in the dustiest corners of the Internet, where virtual spiderwebs grow. Their old-fashioned paper counterparts would have been remaindered, displayed on bargain tables, or returned to publishers unsold.

Everyone knows that the most successful books are not necessarily the very best ones.

Of course, quality content is important, but growing and nurturing your audience is crucial. Without this work, your book cannot reach its readership, and no one will ever know how to find the treasure inside.

And that's where I come in.


The Right Conditions for Your Newborn Book to Thrive

Books are like babies. It takes a long time to grow the ideas they contain—often wisdom and experience that has been built over an entire career or a whole lifetime.

Giving birth is never easy. Writing your book was challenging and time-consuming. You needed to sharpen your thinking, hone your ideas, and find the very best ways of expressing them.

But you did it! Completing your book is a major accomplishment, something to take pride in, an achievement worthy of recognition.

Now your new book needs the proper training and guidance as it begins its journey out into the world. This might be a labor of love, but nurturing your new book also requires careful forethought, common sense, and a well-developed marketing plan.

Out in the World

The publishing field has seen dramatic changes in recent years. Traditional publishing houses have struggled under the burdens imposed by the fixed costs of printing and warehousing their books.

They are becoming less able to provide extensive marketing support for their authors. Increasingly, even traditional publishers are offering their best contracts only to writers who have already built audiences for their books.

At the same time, self-publishing has come into its own. It is no longer seem as amateurish. Now it is no less prestigious, respectable, or potentially lucrative than traditional print publishing.

This offers a great opportunity for all authors, and for truly excellent books. Publishing is becoming more and more of a level playing field. So how can gain the competitive advantage your book deserves?

You need a comprehensive marketing strategy. So I’ve designed a three-phase process to get your book into the hands of your readers quickly and efficiently. Your plan will be customized to meet your individual needs and to fit your budget. It’s easy, and there’s no fuss involved.

Here’s How it Works

First we meet. This is usually virtual, but could take place in person, depending on your schedule and location. We’ll talk, and get to know each other. I’ll help you clarify your goals for the book (do you want to grow the audience for your other products, to build your reputation, or to generate income through direct book sales?), and develop a plan for researching your target audience.

Then we embark. You’ll receive ongoing, personalized service and support every step of the way.

Phase 1: Audience building

This phase begins 3-6 months prior to the book’s publication date. I will help you learn more about the members of your book’s ideal audience—their traits and characteristics, what appeals to them and how to reach them. To keep this audience engaged, I’ll develop email and social media campaigns, including newsletters and regular posts on social media. I’ll help you identify major influencers in your industry, and aid you in making connections. Then you’ll be able to leverage your expertise to create guests posts on blogs, podcasts or other promotional materials. I’ll also prepare a sales page (or full-fledged website copy) for your book, offering teasers and samples. We’ll give your future readers ample opportunity to pre-order the book via email campaigns and your website.

Phase 2: Creating buzz

Right around the time of the book’s launch (no more than 3 months prior) we want to get your audience talking about it. This is when I’ll announce the book’s launch on social media. Blogging and guest posting about the book’s theme will continue, and I’ll craft and implement a strategic plan for publicizing the launch itself. I’ll also develop a strategy for getting reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

crowd reading
Phase 3: Post-release marketing.

Congratulations! Your new book is finally here. It’s time for all your hard work and planning to come to fruition. And it’s time for your audience to start reading.

After the book’s release, I will create promotional emails containing links that enable members of your audience to buy the book with a single click. I can also create blog posts to build your reputation, increase sales, and help you find speaking opportunities. And I can write press releases and build a media kit for a variety of outlets. Marketing and promoting the book on social media will continue.

Why me?

smart reader

As a book author myself, as well as a marketing professional, I know the ins and outs of this field.

I can help you get noticed by using my research expertise to give you a deep and authentic understanding of your ideal audience. And I can guide you in using digital marketing resources to connect with this audience and to build a long-lasting relationship.

Marketing your book doesn’t have to be confusing, time-consuming or mysterious. With a little forethought and a solid strategy, you’ll soon be recognized as the authority that you are.

With a PhD in your pocket, you’ll always have an expert on your side.