Case Studies and E-Guides

Specialized Materials to Teach Customers How Much You’re Worth

Why are you in business?

Is it because you’ve developed a great product? Because you have a service to offer, and you can deliver it like no one else?

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being in this industry, or maybe experience taught you that it was a good match for your talents. Maybe it’s the thrill of competition, or the allure of revenue.

Or was it because you felt called to become a teacher?

Maybe not.

Not all small business owners see themselves as educators. Not everyone knows how to write a lesson plan, or manage a classroom.

But all marketers need the ability to teach. They must instruct and edify. Their job is to guide customers as they conduct product research and make decisions.

And I can help you in this area because it’s where my professional training lies.

As a former college professor, I know the ins and outs of research, and I know teaching.

As a professional marketer, I draw on these skills each time I create specialized marketing materials. My case studies and e-guides will teach your most discerning clients—whether they’re part of another organization or they belong to the general public—exactly where your true value lies.


Case Studies

Creating and interpreting case studies are core components in every MBA’s education. But case studies are useful teaching tools for all small business owners, no matter what degrees they hold. Not only can analyzing case studies bring you a wealth of information about business strategies and processes, but creating them yourself can teach your clients how you solve problems.

Case studies offer you a valuable opportunity to showcase your qualitative data—cold hard facts—to your industry peers and your clients. In them you don’t sell your product or service. Instead you PROVE its value.

There’s no fluff.

Case studies are centered around client interviews, so they provide you a podium from which you can let your results speak for themselves.

result oriented


Do your customers need a docent? Would providing more precise instructions help them better use your product? What information could steer them as they begin to use your services?

E-guides can help you show them the way.

thought leader

Shorter than traditional books, but longer than brochures or single blog entries, e-guides are compact. Usually they’re structured according to their subject matter, not chronologically like blogs. And unlike blogs, they don’t require regular updating.

E-guides are intended to convey detailed information about a single topic or theme. Like a blackboard, they’re a teaching tool. They educate customers on how best to take advantage of your product.

Like an instruction manual for your business, they’ll give your customers the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. To use your product well. And to keep buying it, again and again.

A Streamlined Process

Here's how we work together:

First we meet

Once you’ve figured out that you need specialized marketing materials, we’ll get together. This meeting could take place in person or it could be virtual. Either way, it’ll allow me to get to know you and your business.

Then I get to work.

My next step is getting started. I’ll put my research expertise to work for you, delving deep into understanding the nuances of your audience, industry and competition.

I stay in close communication with you—and your clients—at all times.

With this research under my belt, I’ll be ready to offer suggestions. I’ll let you know which specialized marketing tools will work best for your unique situation.

If you’ve decided on a case study, I’ll then interview your clients. Their satisfaction will shine through when I describe their experiences with your business, and the value you’ve provided them.

You can trust me throughout this process. I’m committed to protecting confidentiality, I understand the sensitive nature of proprietary information, and I’m discrete.

Then I create your custom content.

My writing is clear and concise. Technical terminology will be translated into everyday prose—language that’s engaging and conversational. Words that work to tell your future customers exactly how you can help them, and why what your business does is so important.

I’m experienced in SEO. Any content that you plan to include on your website will be optimized to maximize search engine visibility. I’ll highlight the keywords of your choice.

Of course, case studies and e-guides can also be tailored for traditional print publication, should you prefer or need that.

You know that business success demands agility. Business leaders must embrace change—and be committed to continuous improvement. That’s why I offer two complete revision cycles as a part of every case study or e-guide creation project I take on. We’ll work together until you’re completely satisfied.

Your final draft will be delivered on time, direct to you or to your web developer if you’d prefer. It will be impeccably formatted.

Why Me?

When it’s time to teach your customers how your business works, and time to educate them about the value you provide, it’s time to bring an expert on board.

With a PhD in your pocket, that’s exactly what you’ve got.

I have extensive teaching experience on top of my formal training in writing and research—and it’s all at your service when I create case studies or e-guides for you.

I know how to write clearly, and I know how to convey complex, specialized or technical concepts to audiences made up of everyday folks. In fact, I can teach just about anything to anyone.

And I can’t wait to teach the whole world about your value.

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