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Show Me the Samples!

Shopping for an awesome content marketer is a lot like shopping for the pair of shoes that’ll make your outfit. Naturally, you’ll start your search online, looking at samples from your favorite brands. When you settle on the perfect pair—you know, the ones that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up—you’ll try them on to make sure they fit.

Take a look at my content samples below. Although I can write for most businesses in most industries, not every project is a perfect fit. That’s right, I’m trying you on for size too.

If you’re wondering whether we might be a perfect fit, contact me to schedule a discovery session.

During your discovery session, I’ll discuss the the top 3 tricks of my trade and apply them to your content goals. You’ll leave the call knowing the #1 thing you can do to take your messaging from ho-hum to OH WOW!

I know! You can’t wait until our call. In the meantime, enjoy some free samples.

Brenda Lomeli - Book Content

After I helped Brenda with website content, she asked me to edit her book. Helping women beat the “blame game” and learn to love themselves more is a passion of mine. So I jumped at the chance to help Brenda build her platform as a thought leader! What’s your expertise? Which ideas are you dying to put out there?

Eating Empowered - Book Strategizing

Jennifer Lauretti had an idea for a workbook to help bariatric patients feel more empowered and improve their relationship with food. As a psychologist, Jennifer has tons of experience educating people about creating good habits around keeping a positive mindset. But she recognizes that she’s not an expert marketer. She called me in to help her strategize the book’s structure, chapter breakdown, and overall tone. I set up an editorial calendar and accountability check-in calls designed to get her workbook done within 2 months.

Audacia Strategies - Blog Ghostwriting

Corporate Communications and Investor Relations might not sound exciting at first. But the incredible team at Audacia has got that creative spark. They make learning about IPO’s, M&A, and Reg FD easy and yes, even fun! I love translating technical content into marketing copy that gets the message out. You’re doing amazing work. Let’s tell the world about it!

Catalant - Expert Articles

I put my expertise to work researching and writing articles that put my clients on the national stage. My ghostwritten articles have appeared in publications like the Huffington Post and Forbes. Due to the anonymity of that work, I can’t publicize those articles here. But I’m happy to show you some samples privately. Occasionally I also write bylined industry articles. Catalant is one site where you can find my bylined articles. Catalant is an innovative platform that connects VPs and department heads with experts in the “gig economy.” Do you have innovative ideas that will advance your industry? I’d love to hear about them!

Marcey Rader - Case Studies

Marcey Rader is truly a force of nature. So I was thrilled to write case studies about her private executive and team productivity coaching. I came up with a list of custom questions, interviewed her clients, and recorded their stories. Case studies are a powerful way to highlight the value you bring to your clients.

Insight 2 Action Advisory - Website Content

Your website content is as personal as your shoes, clothing, and accessories. Joanne wanted her executive coaching website to speak to a very specific audience of highly intelligent and successful senior executives. We worked together to turn her vision into reality. If you want your company to stand out in a crowded industry, having a stellar website is a must. The right visuals are important, but the content is key.

Like what you see? Let’s talk about what I can do for YOUR company.
We’ll strategize during a discovery session.
And if it turns out we aren’t a perfect pair, I’ll refer you to professionals who can better meet your needs.
I’m not about to be those gorgeous shoes that you keep in a box in the back of your closet.
I want you to shine!