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Turning Your Big Ideas into Bold Words

As a successful entrepreneur, coach, consultant, or industry leader, you have big ideas and ambitious goals. You need marketing content that truly reflects those big ideas and helps you achieve those goals. Whether you are ready to transform your vision for a book into reality or to market that book for increased sales, the Pocket PhD is your trusted partner.

Have other marketing needs? A book is a valuable tool, but it’s not necessarily the best one for every small business owner. That’s why I offer a full range of content marketing services from blog and article ghostwriting to case studies, e-guides, and website page content. Let’s talk and we’ll custom-design the right marketing package to meet your specific goals.

You didn’t get ahead by hiding your ideas behind dull content. I can’t wait to create bold words that finally do justice to your vision.

Here are my service offerings.

Book Content

You know you have a book inside of you just waiting to be released. You have seen the power of your message at work for your clients and now you’re ready to reach a broader audience. But you’re stuck at some point in the process. Maybe your writing skills are rusty or you just can’t seem to find the time to focus on writing. Together we can kiss your writer’s block goodbye. Maybe you have a full draft and are looking for another set of eyes (other than your mom’s) to review it. I will give you critical feedback to smooth out the rough patches and tie everything together.

Choose from two options:

  • Ghostwriting:If you know you have a book in you, but need someone to help you get it out of your head and onto the page, ghostwriting is right for you. I’ll take your outline, rough notes, random blog posts, or verbal cues and create a compelling narrative. You can edit anything I come up with and whatever we collaborate to create belongs exclusively to you. Let me be your silent partner. I promise not to haunt you!
  • Developmental Editing:You have a draft written, but you’re not quite satisfied with it. Now you need help making your manuscript ready for prime time. I’ll read your draft and offer high-level critical feedback. I can even make the suggested changes for you, if that’s what you’d like. I read your draft and provide comments about:
  • Structure
  • Chapter breakdown
  • Overall organization
  • General tone and word choice
  • Content gaps or redundancy

I offer development strategies, too:

  • We’ll discuss your vision for the book.
  • I’ll give you expert advice on achieving that vision.
  • I’ll help define your target audience and figure out how to reach them.
  • I can guide you in research, and aid you in overcoming obstacles.

Book Marketing

Writing a book is only one step in the process of becoming a successful author. But writing a book takes so much time and energy that marketing the book often falls by the wayside. I’m here to help. Few authors are marketers. Even fewer publishers are marketers. I’m a marketer who knows how to make your book stand out from the crowd. I love a challenge and I’ve never met a business problem research couldn’t solve. Let me put my PhD-level skills to work to increase your book sales.

Book marketing works best if we work in phases. There are 3 phases in marketing your self-published book successfully:

  1. Before the book launch (3-6 months prior): building your audience, increasing awareness, seeking out influencers.
  2. Marketing around the time of the book launch (1-3 months before book launch): generating pre-orders, creating buzz, announcing the launch.
  3. After the book launch (the book’s birthday and beyond): getting the word out, telling audiences where to buy, doing virtual book signings and readings.

Other Marketing Content

Looking to get the word out about your business? The Pocket PhD can do that too! If you have a marketing strategy and need help implementing it, I can work with you or your marketing team to fill in the gaps. I routinely offer the following services, but if you need something that isn’t on the list, feel free to reach out ( emily@thepocketphd.com or 269-370-8002) and I’ll provide you with a custom quote.

Blog Ghostwriting:

I create custom blog posts (~750-1,000 words) that will delight both bots and humans. You provide me with topics and notes. I provide you with a complete draft, optimized for search engines, and written in your voice or one that’s perfect for your target audience.

Article Ghostwriting:

I research and create custom articles (~2000-5000 words) for your industry’s top publications. I can also help you get your ideas in front of national audiences in publications like HuffPost, Forbes, entrepreneur.com, and inc.com.

Case Studies & E-Guides:

I will interview your clients, asking them custom questions so they can express why your business makes them so happy. Then I’ll translate their glowing reports into a case study that will prove your value and increase your leads. To help you educate your target market about your products and services, I create e-guides on any topic or theme.

Website Page Content:

I craft custom website copy that gets your audience to take action. I am passionate about helping small business owners create content that truly represents who they are. In addition to engaging your clients, generating leads, and converting readers into buyers, your website should reflect your distinct personality.

Why do you need a PhD in your pocket?

There are so many content marketers out there that it can be hard to tell whom to choose. Once you’ve narrowed your list to marketers who can meet your needs, it’s time to have a conversation.

I’m a big believer in gut instincts. I don’t work with every business owner, entrepreneur, coach, or speaker who contacts me because I know that finding the right fit is key to forming great working relationships. So let’s set up a discovery meeting. We’ll chat over coffee, lunch, or a glass of wine (virtually or face-to-face) and figure out together if I’m the right fit...for your back pocket.