Ready to show that smug, blinky little cursor who's boss?

Portrait of Emily Crookston, The Pocket PhD, at a desk

“Emily got me, she got my tone, and she got the different facets of my business."

Marcey Rader, Founder, Work Well. Play More!

"I have used Emily for developmental editing for my third book, and while admittedly, I didn't think I would need her that much, it turns out I did! She kept my voice while providing insightful feedback and research. I am so excited to launch my book and am happy that I chose her to partner with."
Marcey Rader, Founder, Work Well. Play More!

Katy Herr, Founder & CEO at Audacia Strategies

"Emily is an incredible writer and a fantastic content strategist. She always makes the customer's perspective the priority, and it shows. We have excellent engagement with our blog posts, newsletter and website copy. And the best part? Working with Emily is She asks great questions, does her research and takes the time to really "get" our voice. Plus, she's always jargon-free, funny and a blast to work with. I can't imagine Audacia Strategies without her partnership."
Katy Herr, Founder & CEO at Audacia Strategies

Maria Ross, Author & Podcast Host, The Empathy Edge

"Emily helped ghostwrite an article for a major publication in which I have a recurring column. I had a ton of notes, just no time to pull it all together - or figure out what needed to be cut. Emily dug right in and not only filled in the blanks, she gave it color, depth and humor - it was ready to submit in no time, with very little back and forth. Emily understands how to take complex ideas (and rambling thoughts) and turn them into a cohesive, compelling and valuable article."
Maria Ross, Author & Podcast Host, The Empathy Edge

Let’s spread those ideas like wildfire

I know—better than most, I’d bet—that sometimes the hardest part of creating content is simply getting started.

It can feel like absolute torture knowing those ideas are trapped inside your head, and you just don't have the time to fish them out.

You need someone to get them unstuck.

Or maybe you’re actually elbow-deep in content, and you need someone to brainstorm, bounce ideas around, and breathe life into it all. 

Either way, you’re in the right place. 

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Think ghostwriters only work for B-list celebs too dull to pen their own autobiographies? Not even close!

Even the most accomplished writers can use an extra set of hands, eyes, and a curious mind to put ideas to paper. That’s where I come in. 

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Developmental Editing

This is No BS Editing at its finest. In an intensive 4-week process, you’ll walk away ready to send your manuscript to print.

Stop agonizing over your masterpiece and let someone else worry about being the perfectionist for a change. 

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LinkedIn Services

Ready to stop being a first-rate LinkedIn Lurker and build your brand with purpose? I’ve got you covered.

From zhuzhing up your profile to developing your content strategy and even creating LinkedIn posts, blog articles, and more, there’s an option to fit your budget and brand to a T.

This is cool and all, but will it sound like me?


You may have guessed by now that I don’t mince words, so let’s cut straight to the chase. 

I’m not the right fit for you if you’re:

Looking for a transactional relationship. I’m not a word vending machine, I’m a writer. If you aren’t ready to engage with me and do deep work together, we’ll only frustrate the crap out of each other.

SEO-obsessed. While SEO is important, I’m not into cranking out blog posts overflowing with keywords. They may satiate Google, but frankly, it’s a waste of resources to write for robots. Hard pass.

Unsure what you want. If you have a phenomenal story or curiosity-sparking ideas that you’re ready to share with the world, I’m game. 

If you just want someone to hold your hand while you decide if you’re ready, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Looking to crank out a cookie-cutter book. Let me be blunt—you’re better off recording your thoughts and hiring a transcriber. That’s what content mills are for.

In need of a copy editor, proofreader, or formatter. I’m more than happy to refer you to fab folks who do this important work,  but it’s not what I do. 

I do developmental and substantive editing for select clients. I don’t read through manuscripts just to correct grammar or size margins.

Into overusing jargon. Jargon is my kryptonite. I can tolerate a bit of it IF, and only if,  strategic use of it positions a client as a thought leader. 

But, “at the end of the day,” (Barf!) anyone who just throws buzzwords around for kicks or to make themselves look smart? Pass.

Pass the test? Marvelous! All we have to do now is plan our collaboration…

Go beyond ‘use once’ content

Katy Herr, Founder & CEO at Audacia Strategies

"When you work with Emily, you have someone with such a great understanding that you don’t get use-once content.”
Katy Herr, Founder & CEO at Audacia Strategies