Are you ready to get those bold ideas out of your head and onto that blank page? Are you ready to show that smug flashing cursor who’s boss?

You know you have a book inside of you, but you just can’t seem to find the time to write it. I know—better than many—that the hardest part about creating content is sometimes just getting started. I can help you get unstuck. Or maybe you’re up to your elbows in content and you need someone to get into the sausage-making with you. I love to brainstorm and bounce ideas around!

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Book Ghostwriting

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Developmental Editing

Interested in developmental editing?

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Content Strategy Session

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Book Proposals

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Case Studies

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Other Ghostwriting

Interested in working with me as a ghostwriter?

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When I contacted Emily for help with my speech, I expected her to support me in putting my many thoughts together to create a meaningful and authentic speech. But what I received was sooooo much more! Absolutely the best experience ever! Emily is like the tutor I wish my parents could have afforded when I was young. She supported me with editing my work and building my confidence. I am a better writer after working with her. Instead of being scared of writing, I'm looking for more opportunities to do so.
- Kim

"Wow. You really get my UNSTOPPABLE lady bosses! I appreciate the high-quality content that comes from the heart and resonates with my audience. You nailed it! Thanks so much! xoxo"
- Brenda


I’m not one to mince words, so if you tick ANY of the boxes below, I’m not the right fit for you. Don’t bother to reach out if you are:

  • Looking for a transactional relationship. I’m not a word vending machine, I’m a writer. If you don’t want to really engage with me and do deep work together, we will frustrate the crap out of each other.
  • SEO-obsessed. While SEO is important, I am not interested in cranking out blog posts overflowing with keywords. They may satiate Google, but frankly, it’s a waste of resources to write for robots. Hard pass.
  • Unsure about what you want. If you have a phenomenal story or curiosity-sparking ideas that you’re ready to share with the world, I’m game. If you just want someone to hold your hand while you decide if you’re ready, look elsewhere.
  • Looking to crank out a cookie-cutter book so you can launch your speaking career. You’re better off recording your thoughts and hiring a transcriber. That’s what content mills are for.
  • In need of a copy editor, proofreader, or formatter. All respect to folks who do that important work, but I am not one of them. I do developmental and substantive editing for select clients, but I will not read through your manuscript just to correct your grammar or size your margins.
  • Someone who talks about “growth hacking,” “incentivizing users,” or how “impactful” things should be. Jargon is my kryptonite. I can tolerate a bit of it IF, and only if, strategic use positions a client as a thought leader. But, “at the end of the day,” (Barf!) anyone who just throws buzzwords around for kicks or to make themselves look smart? I’m not interested.

Pass the test? Marvelous! Reach out and let’s make a plan on how we can collaborate.