Website Page Content

When it comes to your website, every word counts.

Fifteen seconds.

That’s all the time your business has to make a statement.

Not a first impression, not an introduction, not a meet-and-greet-and-mingle, but a full statement of your business philosophy and your goals and the value you bring your customers and the beauty of your product and everything else.

Why 15 seconds? Because that’s how much time the average web page visitor takes to decide whether to continue reading on, or to click elsewhere (source:

During those seconds, every word counts. Every nuance. Every shade of meaning. Every punctuation mark, and every pixel on the screen.

And that’s why you need an expert to help you get your words perfect the first time. That’s why you need a PhD in your pocket.

I craft custom web copy that captures your unique voice, proves your value to customers, brings you more business, and ensures that business will keep coming back.

What You Get

A custom web page is nothing more than a set of Google Documents (or MS Word files, if you prefer) promptly delivered to your developer.

But it’s also so much more.


It’s a mirror.

My web copy accurately reflects your business before the world’s largest audience. Potential customers will hear your voice, exactly as you want it to be heard. And they’ll understand you in a flash—digital media are instantaneous. Your web site is the most efficient means of delivering your message.


It’s a telescope.

It enables people who are far away to see you up close. As clients, customers and audiences come to know you better, they will trust you more. And the more they trust you, the more willing they’ll be to buy. Your website can help you build a very personal and intimate relationship with your customer base.


It’s a microphone.

The right digital presence can enhance your influence and fashion your reputation. It’s your opportunity to step up and speak out, your chance to shine.

In today’s world, it’s the best tool there is for building awareness of your brand, increasing sales leads, and turning those leads into concrete sales.


It’s a bridge.

Web content gives shape to the relationship between your business and your customers. It allows you to hear their feedback, and to become more responsive and agile. It offers you the opportunity to teach them about your products and services, and to glean valuable feedback.

Working Together

I’ve carefully developed a step-by-step collaborative process to ensure that your web presence is perfect the first time around.

Your needs, your objectives, and your voice are kept front-and-center throughout.

  1. First we meet. We get to know each other.
  2. This could be a virtual meeting—a phone consult, a Skype chat, even an email exchange—or it could take place in person, if geography and your schedule permit.

    I’ll aid you in clarifying and documenting your business objectives, and the goals you have for your website.

  3. Then I get to work.
  4. I use my research expertise to get a handle on your audience, to understand your industry, and to get the inside scoop on your competitors.

    With this information as a foundation, I’ll suggest a structure (or wireframe) for your website that makes sense for your business. I collaborate with your web designer to ensure a seamless marriage of content and design.

    Once we’ve gotten the wireframe right—exactly how you need and like it—I create custom content for each page. I write for humans, not robots, but I’m experienced in SEO and know how to draw the attention of the search engines.

  5. And then we talk some more.
  6. As an innovator and thought leader yourself, you know that your products need to be constantly refined to meet customers’ needs. You know that today’s digital marketplace moves at lightning speed, and that businesses need to be responsive and agile in order to stay on top of trends.

    That’s why I include two full revision cycles in each website content creation project I take on. I ensure that you’re happy with my work, and you’re guaranteed that the revisions can incorporate up-to-the minute changes to keep pace with your industry or the world at large.

  7. Finally you relax.
  8. You can rest assured that the final content will be delivered to your web developer with a minimum of stress and hassle to you. It’ll be on time, on trend and on target. And the whole process will be taken out of your hands. No more worries, no more pressure, no more bumps along the road to website perfection.

    Because time is money, and yours is best spent when it’s invested into your business.

Why Me?

When you have a PhD in your pocket, you’ve always got an expert on your side.

With my strong research background, I know how to dive deep. I’ve written for a wide range of clients, across diverse industries, and on a multitude of topics.

I’m well-versed in technical jargon, and I can translate complicated words—and difficult concepts—into copy that sells. I’ll take your obscure vision and turn it into everyday speech. And I’ll make sure that these simple words will raise your rank on Google.

I’m a small business owner myself, and I offer personalized service. I know the value of good customer relationships, and I work hard to keep them strong.

I’m always willing to hear your feedback, I take care to incorporate it, and I can assure your satisfaction. We’ll work together until you’re happy.