The Ghostwriter for Rebels,
Renegades, and Mavericks

My superpower is drawing out your most audacious, fiercely original ideas and stoking the sparks until your thoughts spread like wildfire.

In a world where every professional needs a constant stream of fresh, original content that’s SEO-optimized and skim-worthy, your multifaceted ideas may fall flat. It’s my job to make them sing and soar. Whether you’re writing a longform article or your manifesto, an in-depth blog post or non-fiction business leadership book, I can help you whip those words into shape. When we’re finished you’ll have a lively piece of writing that kindles curiosity in everyone who reads it.

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Hi there. I’m Emily Crookston (AKA The Pocket PhD), ghostwriter and book content specialist.

If you’re a subject-matter expert, an industry thought-leader, or a remarkable individual with ideas to share or a story to tell, reach out. If you love in-depth writing, are passionate about a complex subject, and want to catalyze action, I would love to geek-out with you. If you need an expert ghostwriter and book coach to help you level up, you should definitely drop me a line.

Why? Because I’m f*cking phenomenal at what I do, and I’d love to put my amazing brain to work for you.

Peruse the Menu of Services

Here’s the skim-worthy version of my ghostwriting, editing, and content consulting services:

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Book Ghostwriting

  • Collaborative content development
  • Audience analysis and strategy
  • Content research
  • Content creation
  • From outline to 40,000+ words
  • 16-week process
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Developmental Editing

  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Content strategy
  • Book architecture
  • High level reorganization and restructuring
  • 4-week process
  • Developmental editing + book coaching package available
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Content Strategy Session

  • Collaborative content brainstorming
  • Talk through your current strategy, brainstorm blog topics, it's up to you!
  • 30 minutes, one-on-one
  • 3-5 actionable steps to take
  • 2 follow-up emails
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Book Proposals

  • Sell your non-fiction book idea to agents, publishers, and PR specialists
  • Get a bird’s eye view
  • Completed before or after the manuscript is finished
  • Book proposal template: suggested titles, table of contents, author bio, synopsis, audience and marketing suggestions, competitive analysis, sample chapters
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Case Studies

  • I create a list of questions
  • You add, amend, and approve them
  • I interview your clients using approved questions
  • I write-up and edit your client’s responses
  • Case study template: the situation, the opportunity, the results
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Other Ghostwriting

  • Long-form blog articles
  • Contributed articles
  • Expert interviews
  • E-Books

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