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We take your best ideas and turn them into LinkedIn posts, articles, and business books.

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You've never had a PhD in your pocket... until now. Peruse the CliffsNotes version of our services menu: 


From non-fiction business books to long-form articles and even LinkedIn content and beyond: just call me the ideas extractor for your brilliance.

My process depends on thorough research and collaboration—which means you own the content we create without actually having to create it yourself.

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Developmental Editing

Every book has its first reader. Wouldn’t it make sense for your book’s first reader to be an expert editor?

If you’re stuck on your manuscript or book process, you won’t be once you work with me. Together, we’ll turn your book inside out, and I’ll provide the high-level reorganization and restructuring you need to let your brilliance shine through.

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LinkedIn Services

Wish you were one of those incredibly successful personal brands you see on LinkedIn? 

I’ll let you in on a little secret: they probably aren’t as successful as they want you to believe. But you could be with the right tactics for engagement and lead generation.

Whether you want a little bit of guidance or a whole lot of help (including ghostblogging), we’ve got you covered.

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The ghostwriter who gets inside your head

Turning out fresh new ideas when you constantly have a to-do list stuffed with more than a Thanksgiving dinner plate is hard.

And it really stings when you finally have that great, multifaceted idea and it falls flat on its face. Ouch.

In a world where SEO optimization and skim readers reign supreme, how do you even begin to capture attention?

That’s where I come in.

Whether you’re writing a long-form article, a non-fiction business book, a snappy social media post, or even your manifesto…

I help extract your best ideas and whip those words into shape.

When we’re done, you’ll have a lively piece of content that kindles curiosity and evokes action in your most ideal clients.

“Emily is [our] secret weapon!”

Katy Herr

“My business would not be where it is today without Emily — full stop.”
Katy Herr, CEO, Audacia Strategies

Laura Laura Fravel, Founder, Personal Brand Strategist

"Emily truly knows how to capture the essence of an idea and person/personality. I can't recommend her enough.”
Laura Fravel, Founder, Personal Brand Strategist

Christina Noel, Founder, Noel & Co.

"Emily is a fantastic writer and content strategist. If you're working to build your brand and recognize that writing a book will take you to the next level, I highly recommend that you work with Emily to guide you through the process."
Christina Noel, Founder, Noel & Co.

Ghostwriting in a word? Effortless

At the Pocket PhD, we believe in delivering content with substance. But we also strive to keep things effortless and FUN, guided by a strong manifesto. 

1. Presence is a superpower.

Stay mindful of your personal triggers, remember that you can’t control other people, and practice keeping everything in perspective. OMMM.

2. Freedom over security, always.

Work at a monotonous job that forces me to check my genuine self at the door in the name of security? Not for me. 

3. Rules are imperative, but some are meant to be broken.

The very best writing breaks rules with gusto. My college freshman English Composition Professor be damned!

4. Transparency is the elixir of life.

Creating content is a collaborative effort, and successful collaborations are the product of strong relationships. Transparency of honest communication is vital for establishing that mutual trust. 

5. Badass is not synonymous with asshole.

‘Nuff said.

So much more than a ghostwriter. You get an ideas partner

Listen, I don’t sugar coat things—I'm f*cking phenomenal at what I do.

That means, when we work together, you can expect to:

  • Increase your credibility
  • Share your expertise with confidence and ease
  • Focus on your business and reap the rewards of a high ROI


Emily Crookston | The Pocket PhD

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