Bold Content Marketing
Bringing Your Big Vision to Life

I help small business owners market their big ideas. Let’s transform your vision into clear and concise content that gets people talking.

Or if you’re really ready to cut the crap, put my content marketing skills to work for you. Have a big idea worthy of a book? Want help writing and promoting it? Does your business have other content marketing needs? I can help! Check out my service offerings.

Book Content

Whether you have a vague idea for a book or a complete draft, I can help you get what’s in your head out onto the page. If you’re too close to your own writing, you need someone else’s perspective. I help you see through the fog to the beautiful ideas beyond it. Let me SHINE A LIGHT on your story.

Book Marketing

Fine-tune your message and mold your words to achieve your marketing goals. Like the North Star, one big idea will help orient you and guide you through the maze of publicity and promotion. Find your NORTH STAR and then let me take the helm. I’ll create a customized plan to bolster your big idea and then implement it.

Or combine my book content and marketing services to get all the support you need to write and promote your book.

Blog Ghostwriting

Top-ranked companies all have content marketing that satisfies both bots and humans. The PPhD difference is that I create custom content written in YOUR powerful voice. My blog posts sound like you on your best day, everyday.

Article Ghostwriting

Well-researched and thorough, my articles can build a platform for leaders in any industry. Stand-out marketing is what turns leaders into INFLUENCERS. My PhD makes writing articles a snap. Take advantage of my expertise on your timeframe.

Case Studies & E-Guides

I translate technical language into plain English, showcasing your work. This drives leads, increases SALES, and opens doors. Want me to interview your happy clients and zero in on your unique value? I know the right questions to ask. Need to educate your audience? You’ve got a PhD in your pocket.

Website Content

Find your brand’s distinct voice, personality, and target audience. Then let your website be your business’s beacon, 24/7. I’ll help you uncover your AUTHENTIC message and get the word out to the world.

This sounds awesome! I’m so ready to get my content marketing under control.

This sounds awesome! Can I see some samples of your work?