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What Am I Selling?

Here’s the #1 one question to ask yourself whenever you’re creating content: What am I selling? Does this question surprise you? I often see marketers suggesting that you should give away your best content or that you need an 80/20…
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100 Things that Delighted Me in 2021

Austin Kleon’s list of 100 things that made his year in 2020. And in 2021.New painting for the living room Bilongo I. Art is becoming a small obsession for me. My very own book project. Here is the seed of…

2021: A Year in Books

Since I started my business, I’ve done a variety of posts to mark the end of one year and the beginning of the next. I’ve created some fun infographics with meaningful stats, talked about my word of the year, among…
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What Does it Mean to Be an Expert?

I’ve been working with experts on their books and content marketing, interviewing experts, and making a study of expertise for at least a few years now. So what have I learned? Few experts I’ve encountered wholeheartedly embrace the “expert” label…
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What in the Actual #%!& is Happening with LinkedIn?

If you’re a regular user of LinkedIn, you’ve probably noticed that your posts aren’t getting the same level of engagement they were getting six months ago. You’re not alone and it’s not just LinkedIn.  It seems like I can’t have…