Two Paths in the Park

Fork-in-the-Road Moments

I distinctly remember the first time I consciously realized the world didn’t revolve around me. A college friend of mine and I had moved to Boston and rented our first apartment together. We were 22, in graduate school, and living…
Woman silhouette balancing on rope over blue sky

Walking the Tightrope of Inner Tension

To be a ghostwriter is to be a behind-the-scenes character. As I write my book, I’m attempting to force myself out into the light.  This isn’t a new pattern. These two sides of my identity have always been in tension…
Nerdy scholastic young woman wearing geeky glasses standing thinking with her finger raised and a grimace of concentration in a humorous stereotypical depiction, over a dark background with copyspace.

This Blog Article is an Experiment

On my book writing journey I’ve hit the first big hurdle. Yay for challenges! I know there will be lots of little and big obstacles along the way. Hitting this one means I’m one step closer to the part where…
Woman standing in front of a lake with her arms raised outwards above her head. The lake's calm water is reflecting the sun and clouds.

Everything is Everything

Emily's Musings
So, I just did something surprisingly hard. I went back to the final blog post I wrote in 2019 to read my predictions and public plans for 2020. Yes, the article is cringeworthy. But it wasn’t cringeworthy in exactly the…
Young professional writer holding a pair of glasses as she works on a laptop..

How To Use Your Book to Build a Fabulous Personal Brand

Whenever I speak to a ghostwriting prospect, one of my first questions is always “how do you see your book fitting into your business plan?” In other words, “what’s the business case for writing a book?” This is an important…
Woman writer wearing a colorful outfit and pondering the quesstion: what type of writer am I?

What Type of Writer Are You?

Did you know there are writer types? Me neither. Or at least, I didn’t realize it until I read an article about “Planners vs. Pantsers.”  On the one hand, Planners are all about planning their writing (and probably other aspects…
Hands typing an email on a laptop.

The Art of Writing a Graceful Business Email

Writing Tips
Hop in the WABAC machine with me for a moment (whoa, who ordered the obscure Rocky and Bullwinkle Show reference?). As much as we’d all like to travel back in time to February 2020 so we could go to our…
Woman running small business from her home office. She is smiling at her desk with a lot of clutter and objects.

Messy is the New Black

Yesterday, I was sitting in the chair at my dentist’s office thinking about this blog post. What? Don’t you do all of your best thinking in your dentist’s chair? My phone was in my purse hanging on the back of…