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You Need a Lot of Space to Be Limitless

Emily's Musings
You guys, you guys! Did you know the end of the decade is right around the corner? Something about endings and beginnings make me extra reflective. Does it feel like this ending snuck up on you? I’ve definitely been feeling…

Is Boredom the Key to Happiness?

Emily's Musings
I’m thinking about how to embrace boredom in the digital age. Technology has changed my life. At the risk of dating myself, I grew up before the Internet was available in nearly every home around the globe. When I was…

On Finding Your WHY and Writing as Collaboration

Writing Tips
One of my clients recently asked me about my big “why.” I’ve been a Simon Sinek fan since my first entrepreneurial mentor recommended his TED talk. So, I’ve thought about this question before (more than a few times). But this time…
2018 year in review infographic

PPhD 2018 Year in Review

Entrepreneur, Small Business
As we close out 2018, let’s review our accomplishments and bask in the glow of our own brilliance, shall we? 2018 was an amazing year! Not sure 2019 will be able to top it. Let’s see what you got 2019!…
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More Than Words: 3 Tips for Finding Your Voice

Writing Tips
One of the skills I have that makes me an excellent ghostwriter is that I read voices. Yes, I am a good listener and I almost always take handwritten notes during business conversations, so I have good content recall (I’m sure this…