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What is Ghostwriting?

I get this question often when I meet someone new: “What is ghostwriting?” It’s not that the concept of creating content for others is foreign to the people asking this question. Usually, they’re asking because they’ve never met a ghostwriter…
Two Paths in the Park

Fork-in-the-Road Moments

I distinctly remember the first time I consciously realized the world didn’t revolve around me. A college friend of mine and I had moved to Boston and rented our first apartment together. We were 22, in graduate school, and living…
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Walking the Tightrope of Inner Tension

To be a ghostwriter is to be a behind-the-scenes character. As I write my book, I’m attempting to force myself out into the light.  This isn’t a new pattern. These two sides of my identity have always been in tension…
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This Blog Article is an Experiment

On my book writing journey I’ve hit the first big hurdle. Yay for challenges! I know there will be lots of little and big obstacles along the way. Hitting this one means I’m one step closer to the part where…
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Everything is Everything

Emily's Musings
So, I just did something surprisingly hard. I went back to the final blog post I wrote in 2019 to read my predictions and public plans for 2020. Yes, the article is cringeworthy. But it wasn’t cringeworthy in exactly the…