Hands typing an email on a laptop.

The Art of Writing a Graceful Business Email

Writing Tips
Hop in the WABAC machine with me for a moment (whoa, who ordered the obscure Rocky and Bullwinkle Show reference?). As much as we’d all like to travel back in time to February 2020 so we could go to our…
Woman running small business from her home office. She is smiling at her desk with a lot of clutter and objects.

Messy is the New Black

Yesterday, I was sitting in the chair at my dentist’s office thinking about this blog post. What? Don’t you do all of your best thinking in your dentist’s chair? My phone was in my purse hanging on the back of…
Kiva Slade sitting at a table with a smile.

Kiva Slade on Making Your Experiences Count

One reason I wanted to start the Own Your Expertise video interview series is to highlight all the amazing professionals in my network finding their niches and impacting the world. I get so inspired hearing their stories and I hope…
Cheerful woman talking on phone at desk.

Ghostwriting? How Does That Work?

Writing Tips
Are you new to the concept of ghostwriting? You’re not alone. When I introduce myself as a ghostwriter, I get a mix of reactions from quizzical looks to outright confusion to excited exclamations of “I have so many questions!” But…
Woman sitting at table with a pencil between her nose and upper lip.

Just Write the Thing!

Writing Tips
Whether you love writing, hate writing, or find yourself somewhere in between, you’ve probably felt at a loss for words. I know I’ve been there. Whenever this happens to me, I spend some time down a rabbit hole of reading,…

What makes you feel in control?

Emily's Musings
Like you, I’ve been experiencing a full range of emotions during the past few weeks. I consider myself to be a pretty grounded person. I can usually find the ground even when things feel topsy-turvy. But this time, with the…