Emily Crookston, The Pocket PhD, Ghostwriting and Content Marketing

Work on your book without worrying about your book

Ghostwriting in short? No sweat.

At The Pocket PhD, we believe in delivering books with real substance by thought leaders with an established platform. Testing out ideas and building an audience that’s hungry for your book keeps things effortless and FUN.

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What You Need to Know

You could be 16 weeks away from more speaking gigs, better clients, and increased income when you become the go-to expert thanks to your new title of “author.”

Just call us the surrogate parents of your book-baby

Handing over your brilliant ideas to someone else who will figuratively birth them into this world can be daunting.

We keep the process as transparent and collaborative as possible, so you truly own the book when it’s done. We want you to feel in your bones that this is your book.

Only a handful of book projects are selected by our team each year.

If you:

  • Have original content, facts, and knowledge the world lacks
  • Have an innovative or industry-disrupting idea
  • Can create a high-level outline or table of contents for your idea
  • Are a seasoned pro within your industry
  • Whole-heartedly believe in your idea or perspective
  • Aren’t afraid that fact-checking or feedback will kill your idea

You’re up for the challenge and ready to write your own book!

How it works:

  • Once we determine that we’ll make a great book-writing team, you send a full outline of your book.
  • We have weekly check-ins and progress meetings over the next 16 weeks.
  • We follow an editorial calendar with key deadlines, so you always know what stage we’re at.
  • We promise complete confidentiality with a good ol’ fashioned, airtight contract. No pinky swears or blood oaths here.
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What You Need to Know

Every book has its first reader. Wouldn’t it make sense for your book’s first reader to be an expert editor?

If you’re stuck on your manuscript or book process, you won’t be once you work with us. Together, we’ll turn your book inside out, and we’ll provide the high-level reorganization and restructuring you need to let your brilliance shine through.

In just four weeks, we’ll evaluate your draft manuscript for organization, structure, and tone to make your ideas, points, and perspectives as strong and compelling as they can be.

How it works:

  • A $500 deposit guarantees a read-through of up to 25 pages to determine whether your manuscript is ready for editing.
  • Your deposit is automatically applied to your final invoice if we move forward.
  • We follow an editorial calendar with key deadlines, so you always keep the publication finish line in sight.
  • We ensure your book resonates with your audience through the competition and market research I compile and share with you.
  • We talk through the best positioning for your book based on the research.

"It's inspiring to work with a pro to get your book across the finish line!"

Katrijn van Oudheusden, CEO, Founder & Author

“Emily singlehandedly transformed my collection of paragraphs into a book. She has true developmental editing wizardry (And I never felt she was changing my style or voice). Perhaps just as important: she helped me believe in my book by giving her professional opinion and support. She set an editing plan and then stuck to it like a pro. I recommend her to anyone trying to write a book. She'll take you from trying to the real thing.”
Katrijn van Oudheusden, CEO, Founder & Author