Emily Crookston, The Pocket PhD, Ghostwriting and Content Marketing

Like your content just whipped itself up

No one ever has to know how  you do it all

LinkedIn hasn’t been your number one priority. Because who the hell has time to do alllll the business things and create content for another social media platform, right?

Except being active on LinkedIn just makes good business sense, and you know it. 

No need to panic yet. You don’t actually need time. You need a ghostwriter.

If any of these apply:

  • Your audience is on LinkedIn
  • Your audience requires education about your products, services, or ideas
  • You’re busy running your business, and your audience wants to hear more from you
  • You’ve meant to begin posting on LinkedIn for ages but haven’t started yet
  • You aren’t using LinkedIn to its full extent, and your presence could use a shot in the arm

…we need to talk. 

LinkedIn Roadmap

The LinkedIn Roadmap is your guide to building a successful personal brand. 

With a custom LinkedIn audit, content strategy you’ll be excited to execute, and so much more, you’ll walk away confident that your content aligns with your biggest, hairiest, most audacious goals.

Ready to stop lurking on LinkedIn and grow your brand like the expert you are?

LinkedIn Roadmap + 3 Months of LinkedIn Content

A renegade’s twist on The LinkedIn Roadmap that includes a fully done-for-you profile and 12 weeks of original content ready to post!

This business platform gets more cutthroat each day, but it won’t be an issue for you when you’re the one starting conversations that stir your ideal clients to action and generate regular inbound leads. 

Encourage followers, clients, and connections to get in touch!

Monthly Ghostblogging + LinkedIn Content Marketing

Want to take it even further and go all in with LinkedIn?

This service takes care of 90% of the content marketing work for you. With control over what’s published, you’ll effortlessly build a blog and online presence that engages your audience and sounds like you wrote every piece of content on your best writing day​​​​​​​.

Get 2 blog articles and 12 LinkedIn posts ready to go each month!

Your content won’t create itself…
But working with us is the next best thing

The struggle is real for content creators. Coming up with fresh, original ideas on a regular basis is hard, but you also know it’s necessary if you want to be seen as an expert. 

Working with a ghostwriter isn’t cheating. 

It’s being smart about your precious, limited time and putting your magic to use where you get the best return. 

If you want to:

  • Increase engagement
  • Find more warm leads
  • Build and nurture your network
  • Engage in conversations that open new opportunities 

But you haven’t had the time to start yet…

Scroll up and explore your options to get active on LinkedIn now.

Building a bank of content is an asset worth investing in

You’ll never be sorry you invested in the ability to post even when you aren’t inspired or have exactly zero minutes left in the day. 

"Emily will teach you how to be social on social media"

Katy Herr, Founder & CEO at Audacia Strategies

“Despite my initial skepticism, things took off like a rocketship after we engaged Emily. Within the first 3 months of her taking over, I had at least four or five conversations about new business activity. That had never happened before. We’ve also increased our number of followers, show up in more searches, our posts are getting more views, and more people are looking at my profile.”
Katy Herr, Founder & CEO at Audacia Strategies