Emily Crookston, The Pocket PhD, Ghostwriting and Content Marketing

Share your Big Ideas. Grow your audience.

Exposure is the helium to your visibility balloon.

Our main job at The Pocket PhD is to ask the right questions. Trust us—-it's an incredible feeling when you finally see your ideas reflected in sharp, innovative, and timely content that reflects your unique expertise.

Then we advise you on where to put those big ideas to attract that audience and draw them to your platform. Beyond the tangible deliverables, there is also a halo effect of more PR, speaking opportunities, and press coverage of your thought leadership.

How the hell does that work, you ask?

The Pocket PhD is so much more than a team of coaches or consultants. You get to partner with the champs of thought leadership strategy.

That means, when we work together, you can expect to:

Increase your credibility and visibility
Share your expertise with confidence and ease
Focus on your business and reap the rewards of a high ROI


Phase 1: Confident Exposure

During this phase, you will meet regularly with our team to ideate with you on your work. This is where we really get down to business and begin extracting the Big Ideas you have around your subject matter.

  • We begin by ideating together which helps us to identify your big ideas
  • Then we write a messy first draft so your ideas begin to take shape
  • Over time, you'll begin to own your ideas and grow your confidence

Step 2: Broaden your sphere of influence

It takes time to develop a habit of regularly sharing your ideas and homing your central and supporting themes. As your ideas chrystalize, it's important to cultivate and audience and community.

  • This is the time to proactively increase your visibility
  • Simultaneously, you will begin to narrow the focus of your Big Ideas
  • Then we're ready to publish long-form articles for a broader audience

Step 3: Become a Big Idea expert

Now that we've identified your Big Idea, grown and nurtured an engaged audience, it's time to connect the dots of your content and write a book.

  • We begin by drafting a book outline
  • Your book outline will become a 40,000 book, all built upon your short-form posts and long-form articles
  • With your manuscript in hand and an audience ready to read it, it's time to publish and market your book!

"Emily will teach you how to be social on social media"

Katy Herr, Founder & CEO at Audacia Strategies

“Despite my initial skepticism, things took off like a rocketship after we engaged Emily. Within the first 3 months of her taking over, I had at least four or five conversations about new business activity. That had never happened before. We’ve also increased our number of followers, show up in more searches, our posts are getting more views, and more people are looking at my profile.”
Katy Herr, Founder & CEO at Audacia Strategies