2017, I’m Coming For You!

I’ve spent too much time this week trying to compose a “profound” post to recap the year. Instead, I’m just going to leave you with some parting thoughts (most of which are decidedly not profound) about 2016.

“You can’t hurry love” or much of anything really.

Many things in business (and in life) happen at a much slower pace than we would like. I spent 4 hours (not even exaggerating) at the salon getting my hair cut and colored the other day. Not exactly how I envisioned spending my Monday. But I did get a lesson in patience and I read half of a book I’ve been meaning to read and my hair does look good.

How you deal with this kind of disappointment can be the difference between feeling anxious and being in a place of just allowing things to unfold. My thoughts fluctuated between these two experiences a lot this year.

You learn more from taking action, than mulling over actions you could take.

While it’s not a good idea to act without purpose, overthinking is one of the worst ailments that can strike business owners. The fear of making the wrong move is one of the most over-hyped fears there is.

I have to put a limit on the amount of time I spend researching something before I make a choice. Often, there’s no amount of research that I could do that will make me feel certain I’m making the best choice anyway.

The good news is that the only decision you make that can’t be undone is the last decision you’ll ever make. So, unless you think that decision you’re contemplating is going to lead to your being T-boned by a bus, go on and make it already.

You are both your greatest ally and your greatest enemy.

If you have ever heard behavioral economists discussing how irrational human beings are, this is the kind of thing they have in mind. But if you really reflect on your actions, you will discover that some of your irrational thoughts are beneficial.

For instance, we tend to remember the best parts of past experiences and forget the worst parts. So if you really hate making sales calls, it might give you some comfort to realize that one call with a positive result can overshadow a lot of negative calls.

Other irrational thoughts are detrimental to our success, though. Be on the lookout for imaginary thoughts that create unnecessary obstacles to achieving your goals. If you are waiting for an important email, avoid thinking that the recipient is ignoring you or unhappy with your work. The most likely cause for delay is that she’s busy and would appreciate a nudge.

Whatever is working for you is because of you. Whatever is working against you is because of you. When you spend more time working with your own rational and irrational thoughts, you know you are making progress.

For what it’s worth, these are a few of the discoveries I’ve made this year. I hope you had some realizations, profound or not, of your own. And if one of those realizations is that you could use a copywriter, you know where to find me.

Happy Whatever-It-Is-You-Want-to-Celebrate!

Let’s all finish 2016 flying high and enter 2017 like a freight train. Ready or not, here we come!