Hands typing an email on a laptop.

The Art of Writing a Graceful Business Email

Writing Tips
Hop in the WABAC machine with me for a moment (whoa, who ordered the obscure Rocky and Bullwinkle Show reference?). As much as we’d all like to travel back in time to February 2020 so we could go to our…
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Ghostwriting? How Does That Work?

Writing Tips
Are you new to the concept of ghostwriting? You’re not alone. When I introduce myself as a ghostwriter, I get a mix of reactions from quizzical looks to outright confusion to excited exclamations of “I have so many questions!” But…
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Just Write the Thing!

Writing Tips
Whether you love writing, hate writing, or find yourself somewhere in between, you’ve probably felt at a loss for words. I know I’ve been there. Whenever this happens to me, I spend some time down a rabbit hole of reading,…

On Finding Your WHY and Writing as Collaboration

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One of my clients recently asked me about my big “why.” I’ve been a Simon Sinek fan since my first entrepreneurial mentor recommended his TED talk. So, I’ve thought about this question before (more than a few times). But this time…
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More Than Words: 3 Tips for Finding Your Voice

Writing Tips
One of the skills I have that makes me an excellent ghostwriter is that I read voices. Yes, I am a good listener and I almost always take handwritten notes during business conversations, so I have good content recall (I’m sure this…
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Is My Idea a Book Idea?

Writing Tips
I am kicking around the idea of writing a book for myself—yes, writing a book with my OWN name on the cover (probably as close as I’ll ever get to seeing my name in lights). I’ve even pledged to a…