Woman writer wearing a colorful outfit and pondering the quesstion: what type of writer am I?

What Type of Writer Are You?

Did you know there are writer types? Me neither. Or at least, I didn’t realize it until I read an article about “Planners vs. Pantsers.”  On the one hand, Planners are all about planning their writing (and probably other aspects…
Woman running small business from her home office. She is smiling at her desk with a lot of clutter and objects.

Messy is the New Black

Yesterday, I was sitting in the chair at my dentist’s office thinking about this blog post. What? Don’t you do all of your best thinking in your dentist’s chair? My phone was in my purse hanging on the back of…
Kiva Slade sitting at a table with a smile.

Kiva Slade on Making Your Experiences Count

One reason I wanted to start the Own Your Expertise video interview series is to highlight all the amazing professionals in my network finding their niches and impacting the world. I get so inspired hearing their stories and I hope…