Woman standing in front of a lake with her arms raised outwards above her head. The lake's calm water is reflecting the sun and clouds.

Everything is Everything

Emily's Musings
So, I just did something surprisingly hard. I went back to the final blog post I wrote in 2019 to read my predictions and public plans for 2020. Yes, the article is cringeworthy. But it wasn’t cringeworthy in exactly the…

What makes you feel in control?

Emily's Musings
Like you, I’ve been experiencing a full range of emotions during the past few weeks. I consider myself to be a pretty grounded person. I can usually find the ground even when things feel topsy-turvy. But this time, with the…
Black and white portrait of Emily with light pouring through window.

You Need a Lot of Space to Be Limitless

Emily's Musings
You guys, you guys! Did you know the end of the decade is right around the corner? Something about endings and beginnings make me extra reflective. Does it feel like this ending snuck up on you? I’ve definitely been feeling…

Is Boredom the Key to Happiness?

Emily's Musings
I’m thinking about how to embrace boredom in the digital age. Technology has changed my life. At the risk of dating myself, I grew up before the Internet was available in nearly every home around the globe. When I was…

2017, I’m Coming For You!

Emily's Musings
I’ve spent too much time this week trying to compose a “profound” post to recap the year. Instead, I’m just going to leave you with some parting thoughts (most of which are decidedly not profound) about 2016. “You can’t hurry…