Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Business Blogging

This past Saturday was Earth Day! A universal holiday for copywriters, bloggers, baristas, CEOs, puppies, UNC basketball players, scientists marching in cities across the country…it’s a holiday we could celebrate everyday! Well, we should anyway, right?

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, as a result of a worried senator from Wisconsin. He thought that we were being careless in our treatment of the environment and that we were not in a space of cultivating sustainability. Surely, what we needed to remedy this carelessness was to set aside one whole day every year to celebrate the blossoming of natural life.

Of course the point of Earth Day is to cultivate sustainability by thinking long term. So how do we really celebrate? We plant stuff in the ground with the intention for it to GROW!!!

This is a lot like what we small business owners do with business blogging, actually. We plant seeds with words and pictures, look for sustainability of a message, water our gardens to keep the message front and center, weed the garden to get rid of the garbage that can get in the way, and watch the blossoms catch the eyes and ears of our audience.

In the business world we look for our seeds to not only blossom, but become big beautiful manifestations of life that are so big and sensational that everybody wants to look at it.

No doubt this is a difficult task to accomplish with the many marketing blossoms that pop up all over the place, from the sides of highways to the internet, from television ads to print publications. As small business owners, it’s so hard to know where to put our efforts.

But with love and care, seeds of growth can be watered and nurtured in a sustainable way, where steady growth leads the way to established respect and awareness.

So…celebrate Earth Day with a blog garden! Yay! Wait…what?

That’s right. Earth Day is a good reminder for small business owners to cultivate their marketing efforts today in order to see growth down the road. So consider what seeds you can plant.

For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of these things that has to be continually cultivated for significant growth to be had. Good blogs help websites gain rankings in organic searches by creating fresh content on a regular basis.

Think of the creation of a blog as the base of a garden. Water it weekly with fresh, new, fun, and hardy content. Soon enough, with patience, time, and just the right amount of sunshine, business blogging can help your website blossom and grow your organic search rankings!

Just for fun, here are the top 5 things that Earth Day celebrations and business blogging have in common (in no particular order):

1. Everybody’s doing it, man…

Earth Day is universal—it doesn’t offend anyone (well, maybe it does…)—and so is blogging. Just as anyone can plant seeds, everybody’s got something blog-worthy to say. You are in business because you have done something that others wish they knew how to do. They want you to share. And just like planting a garden, business blogging is easy, has a high ROI, and pays dividends if you take the time to cultivate it.

2. Accountability!

We can show that we are interested in taking responsibility for what we are doing—to the Earth and in our business. Blogging offers a big batch of transparency to our followers and clients. And transparency is at the core of all meaningful relationships. Showing up with quality, precision, and just a touch of vulnerability always wins over a crowd (and tasty treats never hurt either).

3. Documentation.

What better way to show what we’ve done than to blog about it? We plant some prize-winning tomatoes, we celebrate it! We win a business award, we can blog about it! Business blogging is a great way to track accomplishments publicly, but perhaps more importantly, for ourselves. It’s just such a fun way to show enthusiasm for what we do so darn well.

4. Insta-Productivity Boost!

When you blog, or garden, you think about what you’re going to write next or what you’re going to plant next, so the soil is always fresh, nurtured, and ready to churn out something lovely. It’s like the blogger brain is always in go-mode. You respond to clients better, your writing improves, you become more focused, you get wittier, more charismatic…hello, sunshine!


We are creative, crafty beings, and we are here to make the world a better, more beautiful place. The more blossoms that we cultivate, the more attention we will get from those whose attention we are seeking. You get what you give. Plant it, work it, manage it, love it, make it grow…

I doubt the Senator from Wisconsin ever considered that business blogging was possible in 1970, but he surely knew about cultivating sustainable growth and what would keep people motivated for years to come. Cheers to Earth Day!

Looking for some expertise from a Master Gardener? Contact me! I’m sure there’s an Earth Day festival we can enjoy together somewhere…
Photo credit: vvoennyy / 123RF Stock Photo