104 Reasons Content Matters: Reason #1: Content is the Most Important Tool in Your Marketing Toolbox

In this series, I talk about why having quality content matters even in a world that is overly saturated with information, maybe especially in a world that is overly saturated with information. With so much free information, just a Google search away, how do you stand out from your competition? The answer—valuable, original content.

Reason #1: Content is the Most Important Tool in Your Marketing Toolbox

How many times have you heard…

“You need to start a Facebook group.”

“You need to buy ads to stay top of mind.”

“You need to send an email to your list twice per week…no three times per week…no everyday!”

“You really need to do something about your SEO.”

“You need to be blogging every week.”

One of the biggest hurdles when you’re in business for yourself is figuring out how to best use limited resources. You quickly realize that there’s not enough time to do everything yourself. You outsource things that you don’t enjoy doing, things you’re not especially good at, and other no-brainers. But marketing is not a no-brainer.

It’s not cheap and it can feel like everything hinges on marketing. Of course, in reality, everything hinges on sales. So how do you find clarity about your brand, the benefits you offer, and the value you provide clients without losing sight of your sales engine?

How do you talk about the brand, the benefits, and the value BEFORE you’ve systematically created your marketing plan?

My answer: focus on creating authentic, original, high quality content.


  • Creating content provides clarity and focus like nothing else can.
  • Creating content gives you a jumping off point to develop as your marketing strategy comes into focus.
  • Creating content helps your unique value shine through.

Don’t worry about “getting it just right” or “wasting time.” Roll with whatever you come up with. The odds are that the seeds of your full-grown marketing vision are there. If you plant them and nurture them, they’ll grow.

The truth is that the smartest and best laid marketing plans won’t generate leads if you don’t have clear content that makes a connection with your people. Everything comes down to content. And the best way to find your way to your full-grown marketing vision is to put great content out there and repurpose…or replant the seeds that sprout.

You already recognize that communicating your value requires a conversation. It happens during an hour-long sales meeting. It happens while you’re having coffee with a potential client referred to you by another happy client. And, yes, it happens in your marketing content when you offer smart, original content, on a regular basis to those who are ready to hear your message.

There is nothing more powerful than the written word. It’s THE most powerful tool you have in your toolbox. I help business owners like you. Contact me if you’d like to chat about how to tap into your most powerful tool.