104 Reasons Content Matters: Reason #8: Content Fosters Customer Loyalty

In this series, I talk about why having quality content matters even in a world that is overly saturated with information, maybe especially in a world that is overly saturated with information. With so much free information, just a Google search away, how do you stand out from your competition? The answer—valuable, original content.

Reason #8: Content Fosters Customer Loyalty

So we’ve all heard that it’s easier and more cost efficient to sell to current customers than to acquire new customers, right? That’s true, of course, only as long as you are keeping your current customers uber happy.

I know you have

Valuable expertise to offer,

An amazing product to sell,

Incredible customer service, and

About a gajillion (give or take) other gifts to bring to the table for your customers.

And I know you think you’ve been telling everyone about all of it. I know you worry that your customers are sick of hearing from you all the time. I know creating content for yourself takes so much of your time and energy that you expect money to come flying in the door as soon as you press “publish” on your latest blog article.

But a little perspective is in order here.

That’s how YOU feel because you are intimately involved in every aspect of the content you create. And whatever you create has an entire backstory that colors the way you see it.

I recently posted an article on my personal FB page with an anecdote about Pablo Picasso (Full disclosure: I have no idea if the following story is true).

When Pablo Picasso was in his 60’s he was sitting in a cafe scribbling on a napkin. After he was finished, he crumpled it up and went to throw it away. But a woman in the cafe, who had been watching him, asked if she could have the napkin. Picasso replied, “Certainly, for 20K.” Taken aback, she replied, “It took you 2 minutes to draw that.” Picasso replied, “You are incorrect, it has taken me 60 years to draw that.”

This is a good reminder that how you view yourself, your actions, and yes, your content is different from how others view you.

So, if you think that your customers already know everything you want them to know, you’re probably wrong.

Have you asked yourself how much of what you do really caters to keeping your customers engaged and happy?

Do you approach the content you create with the same gusto and pride with which you approach the products or services you’re selling?

If the answer is “no,” you’ve got some work to do.

How are your repeat customer stats? What? You mean, you’re not tracking those numbers? Well, get on it! That’s step 1.

Do you have a plan for reaching out to former customers and upselling them? That’s step 2.

Now, really think about what additional expertise you could provide to your most recent 5 customers. Seriously. Think about each one. Picture them. Create a profile with all the relevant information and really reflect on this.

Then start creating content that is so valuable that your customers can’t get enough. Get creative. Brainstorm with people you trust.


How can you stop them dead in their tracks? What can you offer to them based on where they are now? If you can create something compelling—something that sounds amazing—then you’ve got a shot. Then you can start deepening that relationship.

This ladies and gents is how you begin to create loyal customers and raving fans.

You have amazing gifts and you keep your customers happy (or you wouldn’t still be here). Now tell the world about it!