104 Reasons Content Matters: Reason #9: Content Gives Your Tribe Something to Love and Share

In this series, I talk about why having quality content matters even in a world that is overly saturated with information, maybe especially in a world that is overly saturated with information. With so much free information, just a Google search away, how do you stand out from your competition? The answer—valuable, original content.

Reason #9: Content Gives Your Tribe Something to Love and Share

Last time we discussed customer loyalty. Play your cards right, though, and you’ll get more than loyal customers. You’ll get a tribe.

If the idea of having a tribe conjures up the image of a cult, join the club (and watch “Wild Wild Country” on Netflix because holy shit that is a crazy story!). But the real idea of a tribe is as simple as having a group (of customers, influences, brand ambassadors, fans) who connects with you. Who says, “right on.” And who loves everything you do.

These organic endorsers will love and share your best content. Don’t underestimate the power of these referrals. According to a Nielson survey, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 33% trust ads.

You can count on your tribe to spread the word—that is, as long as you give them words to spread.

Of course, you can’t build a tribe from the top down. That just doesn’t work. You’ve got to go out and FIND your tribe. This is not always easy. Making authentic connections requires effort, especially when your medium is the Internet.

Still, creating great, original content helps.

Here are some nuggets to help get you started:

1. Do some self-reflection.

The first step to building business relationships is knowing what you are looking for. If you’re into journaling, begin there. Write down all the things that you really love to do. Write down the things that are missing in your life. The better you get to know yourself, the easier it becomes to find your tribe.

2. Get out there and meet people in the real world.

Learn to make space for the people, objects, and activities that bring you joy. Try new things. There are hundreds of clubs and Meet-Ups where you can find like-minded people doing things that are worth your time.

3. Know when to commit.

Finding your tribe means following your instincts about continuing to do what adds value to your life and your business. There are only 24 hours in a day. Make those hours count by letting go of commitments that don’t serve you. Truly, there is nothing you have to do. When you figure out your story, you’ll be ready to commit only to the things that support and align with that story. No guilt. No judgment. Guard your time.

4. Shine the “bat signal.”

Once you’ve done the work of figuring out who you want to surround yourself with and what you want to spend time doing, put it out into the world and ask for it. Use social media to advertise what you’re looking for! Go out and ask for what you want. Start your own group. You may be surprised at the kind of positive feedback you receive by authentically speaking your truth.

5. Love what you’re doing.

When you love what you’re doing, you will want to tell people about it. And enthusiasm is contagious. When you run into the haters—the ones who look at you like you have 3 heads—move away from them. Your tribe will be drawn to you like a magnet when you love what you’re doing.

Sounds like online dating advice, right? Well, building a tribe is a lot like building a relationship. It is a process. It happens over time by creating connections, nurturing them, and finding mutually supportive ways to express your love.

Continue putting your ideas out there and pay attention to who pays attention to you. That’s the fastest way to connect. Then watch the love and sharing blossom!