4 Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Blog for Social Media

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The following is a guest blog post from social media strategist, Bianca Lynch. Bianca is a wealth of knowledge. I have used her services to tighten my social media strategy for the PPhD. Take advantage of the valuable resources she mentions below. You won’t regret it!

If you own a blog, you own the opportunity to get your content seen by people all over the world. In fact, companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website. This is great news for bloggers and even better news for bloggers who leverage social media marketing. This is because social media allows you to share your blog posts in a variety of formats that can continue to be seen and shared for years after it goes live.

Below are four ways to increase the lifespan of your posts by repurposing them on social media.

1.   Do a live Q&A video

Hopefully you are already leveraging live video in your social media strategy. If not, I would recommend starting ASAP. Live video is the easiest and fastest way to build the know, like, trust factor you need to turn your online audience into buyers. Every time I share a new blog post, I go live on my Instagram page and walk through the highlights. This can typically be done in less than twenty minutes. The best part is you have already written the content so all you have to do is give a high-level overview of the key points in your post. You get bonus points if you include a live Q&A because it provides your audience with the opportunity to interact with you in real time.  Of course, you will want to encourage your viewers to go read the full post as your call to action. My free 30-day social media content calendar shares some great examples of how to do this.

2.   Upload an on-demand video

The best part about doing number one is that you now have a video that you can continue to repackage on other social channels. I shared this video to my Facebook page shortly after I recorded it live on Instagram. However, even if you did not create a live video first, you can always record a video using a similar strategy to the one above. The downside to recorded versus live is that you can’t answer questions and interact with the audience while the video is recording. What’s most important is that you are providing value for your audience and that your video, like all of your content, has a call-to-action at the end.

3.   Share individual posts with pieces of the blog

In addition to using videos to promote your blog posts, you can use images and text that tease your audience and entice them to read the full post. Text is probably the easiest option because you can literally copy and paste exerts from your blog and share them on your social channels. This is a great example of one I shared from my blog post, 3 Key Ingredients for a Successful Social Media Strategy. These types of posts can be shared across almost all social mediums, depending on how you format it. My recommendation is to add a call-to-action at the end by asking for other’s thoughts or driving back to the post – variety is always a good idea when it comes to social media.

Another thought is to place the text on an image, elaborate on the post highlights in your caption then drive back to your blog post. These types of posts work really well on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – especially when you have an engaging caption.

4.   Share tips from the blog post in your story

As long as you are sharing content that is evergreen on your blog, you can and should continue to promote them on your social channels. A simple way to do this is to leverage the insights from your blog post in your ongoing social media strategy then drive back to the post. Stories are a great place to share these via video or text because they disappear after twenty-four hours and do not crowd your primary feed. However, do not simply blast people with your blogs all the time – there needs to be a balance. One thing I see too often are businesses who constantly try to sell their products and services online, without building the know, like, and trust it takes to convert followers into buyers.

There’s more where that came from

While social media is a terrific tool to repackage and repurpose your blog posts, there are several others ways to reach your audience. One thing to keep in mind is that your audience consumes content in various ways throughout the day. In other words, they may not always be in a position to watch a video and a blog post may be best for them. On the other hand, if they have a long commute, a video or podcast could be the perfect option. You can learn more about how to repurpose your content in my Social Savvy Spotlight radio show episode, 3 Little-Known Tricks for Social Media Inspiration or subscribe to my monthly newsletter to get free real-world social media tips delivered straight to your inbox.

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Photo credit: Branislav Nenin

Bianca Lynch’s bio: Bianca is a Social Media Strategist and Consultant on a mission to empower business owners to use their authentic voice to increase brand visibility and stand out on social media. She has helped entrepreneurs, agencies and corporations dramatically increase their online presence, gain high-quality leads and drive sales revenue with digital marketing. Her expertise is helping businesses build simple, yet effective social media strategies that align with their unique business goals.