How Audacia Strategies Attracts New Clients with LinkedIn Content Strategy

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When I think about the clients who have contributed the most to my success as The Pocket PhD, Katy Herr is the first person who comes to mind. I’ve been collaboratively writing with Katy and her team at Audacia Strategies virtually since I started my business almost six years ago. So I was honored when she agreed to be the subject of a case study showcasing our LinkedIn content creation and strategy services.

Here is how The Pocket PhD helps Katy grow and optimize her LinkedIn presence and attract new clients and business opportunities through expert LinkedIn content strategy.

The Situation

As the CEO of Audacia Strategies, an advisory firm that provides communication strategy, messaging, and outreach to companies going through big transformations, Katy had partnered with The Pocket PhD for several years to write her company’s blog posts and monthly newsletter.

I’ve always had a knack for making complex ideas come to life and Katy’s industry has a really unique communication style and tone. It has been a fun challenge to dig in and create blog articles that resonate with Katy’s audience. Katy provides me with great notes and direction and I build the content from there. We’ve both been thrilled with the results.

The Opportunity

Like most business leaders, Katy was looking for ways to share Audacia Strategies’ content with a wider audience, so when I suggested implementing a content strategy on LinkedIn in September of 2021, Katy was intrigued. She was also skeptical — noting that she and her team tried several engagement strategies on LinkedIn in the past with lackluster results.

However, since I understood Audacia Strategies’ voice so well and Katy trusted my expertise to target the right connections, engage in the most meaningful ways, and navigate the LinkedIn algorithm, she decided to give it another shot.

Also, because we had been writing blog articles together since the beginning and we work really well together, I had a hunch we could extend that partnership to create a great strategy and content for her personal LinkedIn page. And my hunch turned out to be right.

Working to build Katy’s LinkedIn presence was also a great chance to try out some of the tricks that have been working for me and determine whether this system would translate into similar results for someone else. 

To start, I conducted an audit of Katy’s current LinkedIn activity, then compiled a series of recommendations for how she could enhance her profile and posts to drive awareness and

interest in Audacia Strategies. I also educated Katy and her team on how to view and use LinkedIn as a networking platform, not just a place to post and promote their services. 

In fact, this is one of the biggest misconceptions out there about LinkedIn and social media more generally: You can have success posting without really using the platform. Because LinkedIn works best as a networking tool, if your goals aren’t aligned with networking, you’re not likely to see the results you’re after.

Each month, I meet with Katy and her team to talk through topic ideas for blogs and LinkedIn posts. This ensures that they have a comprehensive content strategy where all the content we create builds on itself. 

About our system, Katy had this to say: “Emily’s a great blend of both strategy and tactics. She thinks about the client and what they need and she also understands how to use the same piece of information in five to ten ways. I love that about her approach and her skill set.”

And the results really do speak for themselves!

The Results

Once we started focusing on Katy’s personal LinkedIn page, we were amazed at how quickly we saw results. We wanted to increase engagement among Katy’s current connections, add connections that are a good fit for what Audacia Strategies does, and have LinkedIn serve as a lead generator. All of these started to happen.

“Despite my initial skepticism,” says Katy, “things took off like a rocketship after we engaged Emily. Within the first 3 months of her taking over, I had at least four or five conversations about new business activity. That had never happened before. We’ve also increased our number of followers, show up in more searches, our posts are getting more views, and more people are looking at my profile.”

The content we have created has stimulated better conversations with potential clients, as well as opened up new opportunities with Katy’s network of connections.

Also, a surprise extra benefit has been the widened reach Audacia Strategies has when posting about job openings. Our strategic writing, along with Katy’s more activated and connected LinkedIn network, has driven a lot more interest from job candidates who now reach out to be a part of the team. 

Yet Katy said that, overall, the best benefit of working with The Pocket PhD is knowing that a true expert is thinking about, writing, and promoting targeted and thoughtful content that helps her build her business. “It takes an incredible load off of me,” Katy said. “Because of Emily, I know that we’re promoting ourselves and doing it well. But even more importantly, we’re connecting.“

When business owners work with our team on content creation and strategy, we bring a new level of thoughtfulness and external insight that you don’t often get when you’re in the thick of building your business. Not only will this service help you with your LinkedIn strategy, it will improve the way you talk about yourself as a company. From a messaging perspective, what could be more important?

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